Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carlsbad Pictures!

So we got a few pictures from Josh this week. Its so good to see him! So here are a few pics from Carlsbad, New Mexico. He was just transferred but we don't where to yet. All we know is that he heads North today. Guess we'll find out next Monday! From the sounds of his email, he is doing great and he's learning and growing so much!

This is just so Josh- glad the mission has changed our cute Josh too much!

Josh and his companion were given a pretty cool personal tour of the taverns and I guess did some real caving! Sounded scary to me but looks like it would've been really cool!! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Elder Curtis is off to the MTC. After the brief orientation, and the called to serve video, we said our goodbyes with a few tears. He was excited and anxious to begin his missionary service. We are also happy for him and can't wait to get our first letter from him.

Big Day

Well today was the big day. Josh officially became a missionary this morning. He then enjoyed his last cooked meal by Mom- yummy buttermilk pancakes- and is now in the MTC. Texas- here he comes!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Email Address


Monday, January 7, 2008


January 9th is the big day!

My address at the MTC is:

Elder Josh curtis
Mailbox 223-0128
2005 N. 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

Write Me!